Arrival at Sholistân and Jahrom— at the town of Dârâb— at Lar.— Entrance into Bender Abbâsi.— Undertaking of a journey to Mecca, and setting out by sea.— Being cast on the shore of Ammân.— Arrival at Maskat— at Bahrein— at Bender Kang.

THENCE I went to Sholistan and the town of Jahrom, among the excellent and learned men of which place were, Mir Abd Al Hosein, and Maw­lana Mohammed Salih, whose society I enjoyed. Both were versed in Law and Tradition, and were of extreme temperance and sobriety.

I then went to Dârâb, one of the pleasant situa­tions of that warm climate. In truth it is a very delightful and well cultivated and frequented spot. Here I wrote my treatise called Lavamia Moshricah, on the investigation of the meaning of Wâhid and Wahdat, and some other treatises on difficult questions in Divinity.

Afterwards I proceeded to the town of Lâr. One of the principal natives of that place, was Mirza Ashraf Jahân. He possessed much wealth and power, and was not destitute of understanding and ability.

Of the chiefs of that town, and a native of the place, was also Mir Mohammed Taki, of some celebrity, who was master of vast wealth, and one of the worldly proprietors of that time. The meanest of his servants and agents were in posses­sion of abundant riches and dignity. Both these gentlemen shewed much friendship and affection for me. Mirza Ashraf Jahan I afterwards saw at Najaf Ashraf* on my arrival there. He had aban­doned the world, and, in the habit of a Fakir, was living in the vicinity of that holy threshold, where he was afterwards buried. On my second visit to Lar in the sequel, the above-mentioned Mir Mohammed Taki had died, and his son, Mir Moham­med by name, who was a man of great worth and of laudable qualities, had become, by the course of events, necessitous of his daily sustenance, and was in the troop of paupers of that city.

Of the learned natives of the place, one was Mawla Nasr Allah, who, having studied under many of the celebrated masters, possessed superior skill in the various sciences, and, as long as I remained in that country, spent most of his time in my society.

Thence I proceeded to Bender Abbâsi. Here were some ships bound to Mecca the Revered. I became inclined, with the small means I had, to resolve on that voyage, and I went on board a ves­sel. The air of the sea, and the movements of the ship, disordered my health, and I suffered severe illness. After some days, there came on rain and a heavy storm. The ship's crew gave up all hopes of life; but the Almighty granted us salvation. After much fatigue and hardship, we arrived on one of the coasts of Ammân. The people of that country, who are mostly heretics and sea-robbers, seized our ship and plundered the cargo; and leaving the company on the desert shore, went away. After some days, and with the greatest difficulty, I reached Maskat (<Arabic>), which is commonly called <Arabic>, one of their cities, and staid there the space of a month; during which I obtained a little repose. For that year, the season and the means of performing the journey to Hijaz, no longer remained. I determined on returning, and having no alternative, I embarked in a vessel, and sailed to the island of Bahrein. The inhabitants of that place profess the true faith, and are a good people. Arabic learning, and the sciences of Law and Tradition, are in some degree current among them. One of their doctors and great men was Sheikh Mohammed, Sheikh Al Islam, who was perfectly kind to me. At his request, I staid there near a month. The length of the island is about ten farsangs, and its breadth four. It is all palm plantations, and is overspread with cultivation; and the multitude of its inhabitants is great. Its waters are sweet and digestible; but its atmo­sphere is exceeding hot, and, on account of the surrounding sea, is disagreeable.

Then, going on board the vessel, I sailed to the populous sea-port, Bender Kang, which is the best harbour of Fars. Thence I set out on my travels through the cold countries* of that province; and during that journey few places of Fars escaped a visit from me.