Up from Earth’s Centre through the Seventh Gate
I rose, and on the Throne of Saturn sate,
And many Knots unravel’d by the Road;
But not the Knot of Human Death and Fate.
There was a Door to which I found no Key:
There was a Veil past which I could not see:
Some little Talk awhile of ME and THEE
There seemed — and then no more of THEE and ME.
Then to the rolling Heav’n itself I cried,
Asking,What Lamp had Destiny to guide
Her little Children stumbling in the Dark?
And — “A blind Understanding!Heav’n replied.
Then to this earthen Bowl did I adjourn
My Lip the secret Well of Life to learn:
And Lip to Lip it murmur’d — “While you live
Drink! — for once dead you never shall return.