AN ORDER to the Factors and Agents of the Royal Chamberlain’s Office.

TO the Factors and Agents of the royal Chamberlain’s Office. Whereas the superintendancy of the whole of the Chamberlain’s department is confirmed and delivered by royal command to the care and trust of the noble Meer Der­vaish, it is required, that considering the said person superin­tendant and inspector of that department, they deviate not from his counsel and advice; which in every respect shall be agreeable to the establishment and regulations of Government: and let them obeyhim as they ought. And it is required of the aforesaid, that, distinguishing himself by the practice of integrity and fidelity, he perform the duties and functions of that office in such a manner, that nothing better can be conceived. And let the dues of his superintendancy be exacted agreeable to the practice of that office. Acting in this business accord­ing to orders make no opposition.