CHAPTER VI. Of Instruments and Contracts of Law.
A CERTIFICATE of the Sale of a House.

THE deponent by name and lineage Khojeh Kerimulla, son of Khojeh Shehabuddeen son of Abdulla the Korai­shian, maketh affirmation and legal acknowledgment to this effect: “That I have sold to Khojeh Mahommed the son of Khojeh Bazeed, for the sum of one thousand Shahjehan Rupees present currency weighing eleven Masheh, an house built of burnt bricks with certain boundaries, (The east side adjoin­ing to the house of Jacob son of Kerimdad; the west side close to the wall of the house of Illahidad the son of Meer­koraishi; the south side contiguous to the high road and the gate; and the north side close to the mosque of Fazilulla son of Shaik Beha-uddeen), which is in the town of Reheema­bad in the district of Kazipareh; and was my exclusive right, without the participation of any other person; and have received the faid sum into my hold and possession.” The neighbours Rijibi and Futtoo have testified, that that house was the estate and inheritance of the said seller; and Shaikh Abdulla son of Shaikh Abdulkereem has engaged that if any other heir appear and present a claim, he will be responsible. These few words were written in the court of Justice, that in case of need there may be proof, on the 29th of the Month Mohurrumulheram, in the 1190th Year of the flight of the Prophet, with whom be the peace and blessing of God!