In answer to the last.

THE respectable letter of that support of empire arrived at the most fortunate of times. As that which was written about the devastation of the country of the confines, you know that that country from the days of yore was in the possession of my ancestors: in short at different periods it went out of the hands of the ministers of our victorious empire, by the treachery of some of the Omrahs. As there was no dissention between us I considered your country as my own, and therefore had no intention, that the servants of my court should bring that country under my protected dominions. At this juncture my fortunate and happy son Mirzayadgar having passed over into these territories, in the way of divertion and hunting, your ser­vants did not perform the duties of attention and sincerity; and gave no proof of their attachment. My son above-mentioned, from its being the season of his youth, having no forbearance, delivered over that country to one of the servants of the court, that he might annex it to the royal revenue. From this event let not dust fall upon the mantle of the mind of that support of empire. And as to what you related of your new conquests and importance, you ought not to be proud and elevated with the affairs of the world; and you ought not to make a boast of such victories: for since the chiefs of that country, from the baseness of their treachery being caught in the anger of God, were become vagabonds from their own pos­sessions and dominions, what great affair was the seizing and confining of them; and the subjecting of a country without leaders. As yet you have not had to do with tigers of war and blood-devouring lions. Whenever you come into the field of heroes you will then know what it is to strike steel against steel.

“If you be a King come into the field:
“Let God give the kingdom to either of us.”

My expecting soul is an eye upon the road. Whenever the army of prosperity shall form a design this way, one of the ser­vants of my heavenly court shall be ready to receive you.

What can I add more?