HAVING waved the customary compliments, it is inti­mated to your friendly soul that it is a long time since you laid open your affectionate heart with an account of your welfare; my mind is therefore exceedingly anxious. Surely the cause of that is nothing but forgetfulness. I am hopeful that contrary to what is past, you will keep the gates of intercourse open; that my mind may be at ease. At present the reverend and excellent Shaik Zeeaullah, who is one of the accomplished and great men of the age; and to whose noble race I am strongly attached by duty and fidelity, has proceeded towards your territories. It is proper that, considering the honor of seeing him as for­tunate, and studying from your soul to honor and respect him, and esteeming his application to you, on any business or transaction a happiness, you be guilty of no neglect in bringing it to a conclusion: for his soul is dear to me; and on this account I shall be exceedingly obliged to you. May your friends be prosperous.