On the subject of War.

IT is represented to the most enlightened understanding, and the illustrious and benevolent soul of exalted majesty, the asylum of empire, the seal of magnificence, the shadow of Almighty God, A. B. that in these days it hath repeatedly come to our august hearing, that the country of the confines, which since the days of yore has been a dependancy of my protected dominions, has the prospect of being ruined by the hand of the oppression of that asylum of empire; and that having plundered the sub­stance and effects of the inhabitants of that country; you have set fire to their habitations. This behaviour seems far from friend­ship and concord. God knows that till now, as I considered your country as my own, and there was no variance between us, I therefore never formed any design against your kingdom and dominions. You must have heard how many kings, and princes, and lords were in that country, who being within their strong holds, from the excess of their power and wealth, and the multitude of their troops, humbled not the head of pride; and paid no attention to the state of their subjects and vassals; and stretched out the hand of extension to people’s substance. Notwithstanding I had directed them by excellent admonition; from their infatuation, they listened not to the language of per­swasion. At length although the desire of this petitioner at the seat of God was soley intent on the tranquillity of the state of the people, by the help of Heaven, and the abundance of my daily-increasing prosperity, I humbled all of them. Every one that behaved with insolence, his soul any substance I gave up to plunder: and some who having asked protection, took refuge at my imperial palace, I pardoned their offences and preserved their lives, and property, and honor. Accordingly many princes having put into their ears the rings of bondage, and having thrown the saddle cloth of slavery over their shoulders, have entered into the train of the slaves of the court; and having begirt the waist of obsequiousness and submission, are now obedient. Perhaps this account of conquest and amazing victories, which the almighty God has given unto his servant may not have reached your illustrious ear. It is proper that, having paid regard to the ties of our former unanimity, and having caused to be restored what­ever of the substance and the effects of the people of that country has been taken away in plunder, you make a return and repa­ration for the injury that is past; and instantly deliver that country, as formerly, into the possession of our servants: that the inhabitants of that province having returned to the place of their own abode may become populous; and that no diminu­tion may take place in the intimacy and former friendship between us. But if you have formed in your mind an idea of another kind, for God’s sake do not distress the people of God without a cause. Wherever you shall appoint, one of the servants of our heavenly palace having repaired thither, shall be ready to wait on you.

“If you seek Peace, I wish not for War,
And if you want war I do not delay.
Whether you breath Affection, or send an answer in Wrath,
Here my story is ended; so adieu!