MAY God Almighty preserving the well accomplished person, Khanjew, my refuge, my hope, the asylum of friends, guarded and protected from the accidents of time, keep him in safety! After earnestly offering up prayers, it is represented to your elevated soul that God knows that, on the news of your sickness, so great anxiety of mind and real con­cern, arose, that the description of it cannot be conceived. May God Almighty out of his grace and favor send you a remedy from the mansion of health; and recover you perfectly. Immediately on hearing this news, without reflection I wanted to set out towards you; but from several unsurmountable obstacles my intention was frustrated. The bearer of this letter is therefore despatched, in haste to bring accounts of you, for my Eyes and soul are looking out for news of your health. May God ever preserve the mirror of your upright heart free from the chagrin of misfortune, grief and care!