MAY God Almighty preserving the accomplished person, the reverend, friendly and excellent Shaikh Jew from the incidents of fortune, preserve him in every kind of happi­ness both temporal and eternal. After laying the foundation of intimacy and affection, it is represented to your noble soul that God is witness that, on having the fortunate news of the marriage of your son Shaikh Mohommed, worlds of joy and gladness arose: May God render it propitious and fortunate! Some marriage articles, a gold ring with an emerald for the Bride, and a Gujerat turban and waistband for the said son are sent along with the faithful Mubarik Kuddim: please to receive them graciously. And considering me as one of your friends and well wishers, frequently call me to mind by a letter or mes­sage. And whatever business you may have here give me your instructions, that in executing it the duties of sincerity may be performed. Be the days of Mirth and joy increasing!