MAY the affectionate and kind, the compassionate and merciful, the sincere and attached, the intimate and friendly Shaikhjew, my asylum, be always chearful and happy! In these fortunate times I have received intelligence that a son, in a lucky moment has been born in your house. Verily upon having these joyful tidings, so great joy and gladness arose that it cannot well be described. May God protecting this young plant of the garden of fortune, from the blasts of the accidents of time, render him happy and successful under the shadow of his favor; and make him favorable and propitious to all his wellwishers both far and near.

“May God as long as the world has colour and water,
“The heavens turn round, and the earth remains,
“Keep him supplied with Fortune and Vigour;
“And bestow on him every thing that can prolong his life.”