MY worthy son the fruit of the tree of my vitals, the plant of the garden of my desire, the light of mine eye, Mahommed Hussain (whose life may God prolong!) read over my numberless blessings and unfathomable affection. Here all is well; and the welfare of that corner of my soul is wished for: I hope you are in health and safety. The history of my present situation is this. Being contented with a small monthly allowance for necessaries, I have, on account of the small dis­tance, become a servant of the Nabob. Accordingly an order for two Months is drawn out; whenever the amount of the order has come to hand, I shall send some money for you. Keep your mind in every respect quiet. Exert your utmost diligence in reading and writing. Do not spend your time in joke and play; and do not bestow your attention on diversion and amusement: for this is the time for acquiring instruction and manners.

“Be not idle because it is the season of play”

Be always writing an account of your situation, that I may be easy in my mind. What can I write more? May the days of enjoyment increase by the savor of God!