In answer to the former.

YOUR propitious letter and page of fortunate contents full of unity and unanimity, which you dispatched along with the honorable and trusty Khojeh Abulhesen, arrived at a most lucky period, with varieties of the rarities of your country; and imparted to my intelligent soul fresh joy and gladness immense. Whereas it was proposed by your friendship-perfumed pen, that the foundation of love, and the ties of affection should acquire strength between us; and that, in the established dominions of one another, there should be no variance; so that it may be the means of the rest and quiet of the people of God: this intention was extremely benevolent, for there is not an act in the world of existance and forming connexion more noble than friendship and agreement, particularly the order of the chain of beings is by that fastened and bound. Indeed it is a long time since it was in my august soul, that having sent one of the attendants of my court and intimate confidents, he might fasten between us the cord of the tie of unity and concord; so that one and all, being in security from the injury of accident, might be easy in circum­stances and free at heart. However, by the means of some unavoidable interruptions, the detail of which would be the cause of prolixity, this intention remained behind the curtain of delay. Praise be to God that that support of empire, having in this matter shewn the example, has become the mover of the chain of affection; from which I can perceive a proof of unity and concord. At this time also, the asylum of prelacy, the very trusty Sheikhkemal, who is one of the sincerely attached friends of this kinsman of high station, is sent to wait on that asylum of empire. Having labored in whatever the welfare of the kingdom, and the tranquillity of the body of the people may consist; and having always observed the relation of unity and unanimity, keep open the gates of communication; for it will be productive of an increase of the principles of affection. Some of the rarities of this country are dispatched along with the asylum of prelacy above mentioned; they will come into your august sight. And whatever the person referred to shall represent verbally, consider it in the rank of certainty. Be the sun of prosperity always shining!