MAY the affectionate servants of the asylum, my dearest Brother, (whose shadow be extended) always attain their desires, and be secure! After representing my eagerness and my desire of a visit, which giveth light, this is my request. That, although, from the interruption of accidents incident to life, I have been for some days absent and removed from the happi­ness of attending you, yet God knows that my heart and soul are constantly in the service of my Brother. I hope from heaven, the palace of the God of Glory, that the curtain of separa­tion may be drawn from between us; and that, I shall obtain a sight of you: that I may find relief from the grief and vex­ation of absence. Until I receive the honor of a visit make me joyful and glad by your letters and messages. To presume far­ther would be disrespectful. May your shadow be extended!