THE least of your children, I Abdurrihman, represent before the servants of my master, my honor, my refuge, the place of my Kibleh, my friend and my father, that the order of my desire for the priviledge of kissing your feet is not such that I can describe it with a broken pointed pen. Night and day I petition at the palace where prayers are granted, that a cause may fortunately arise productive of the attainment of this desire. I am hopeful from your generosity and kindness, that till the time of being honored with your illuminating presence, you will from time to time favor me with a letter. And whatever commissions you may have in these parts make me honored with your commands: That considering it a hap­piness both temporal and eternal, I may execute them. And having sent some rarities of this country with a distinct account along with Yadgar, they will certainly arrive into your benificent sight. Having also procured an ambling horse for your own use I am hopeful that within these few days I may receive some money from the farms of the Jageer, for the term of Harvest: and then the said horse, with some money and presents for my beloved brethren will be dispatched. Farther what should I propose?

“May your protection never be withdrawn from my Lord.
“May God extend your shadow eternally.”