IT is represented to my kind and gracious Mother by the least of her children, Abdulla, after great submission and sub­serviency, that I am in health and am anxious about the wel­fare of my affectionate Mother. I am hopeful that being under the security and protection of God Almighty, she will be long preserved to her children. It is a long time since a letter from that tender, noble and pious Mother has reached me. My soul is longing for it: may the cause that prevents it be good. Lct this be the rule of your kindness: be constantly writing an account of your welfare; that my mind may be at ease. Ere this some money sent along with the faithful Dilawer, will have arrived. And I have got ready some rarities of this country; please God I will send them to you by and by. My desire of the honor of kissing the feet of that respected person is unbounded; and I pray to heaven that it may soon be happily obtained. With regard to the betrothing of your son Noor­alla, what should I write, since my mother will be diligent? At any rate having done your endeavor, resolve on a connexion, for it will be the cause of satisfaction. Farther what should I say? May the shadow of kindness be extended!