BEING always, by the help of Almighty God, established in royal favor, may you, in power and dignity, attain your desires both in this world and the next. After perform­ing the duties of sincerity, which is the practice of wellwishers, it is represented to your enlightened soul, that, as I have obtained by Tankha, the Pergunneh of Reheemabad, as a Jageer, from the beginning of the season of Autumn, I have just now sent thither Mustafakooli in the capacity of Shikdar: He will wait on your Grace I am hopeful that con­sidering this Pergunneh as one of the places of Government you will give orders to the agents of the Presence, that, in every case in which the said nobleman shall apply to them, consider­ing their assistance and protection incumbent, they may give him such countenance that his revenues and trade may be properly settled and secured: for it will be the source of satisfac­tion to my heart. And whatever business you may have in these parts elevate your friend with the honor of your commands; that I may perform the duties of sincerity. Farther what trouble should I give you? May your days be happy!