MAY the servants of Khanjew, the refuge of friends, the resource of intimates, the asylum of kindness, being always happy, be preserved at the head of their friends! After expressing sincerity and affection, it is represented to your fun-enlightened soul, that a long time has elapsed since you favored me with a letter; so that I was puzzled to know what could be the cause of your unkindness, until I was informed by several that a set of interested people had carried a story to you contrary to truth, which never existed, and never was heard of; and had exasperated you against me. Verily the fingers of thought never drew such a stroke upon the page of my imagination, and absolutely no such notion ever entered my mind. I am amazed that, giving credit to a report so injurious, and condemning your sincere friend, you should think of forgetting him. The proof of this matter being referred to your impartial judgement, and having yourself given justice, do not hereafter draw the stroke of forgetfulness on the journal of the life of your friend. Farther what trouble should I give you? May your days be happy!