MAY Almighty God, preserving the noble persons of the fortunate, splendid, awful and imperial servants of Mirza Jew, safe and secure from whatever is bad and improper, satisfy their desires in both worlds! Your Grace’s agreeable letter, in which after a long interval you called me to your remembrance, honored me and increased my joy. With regard to what was written by your friendly person on the subject of forgiving Khojeh Khan Jehan, for his negligence and dishonesty, how shall I describe the iniquity, infidelity and roguery of that inconsiderate villain? Having embezzled a large sum belonging to government, and to the villages of the Pergun­neh, both in grain and houses; and having made out false accounts, however deserving he was of death, or of losing a limb, he offered no kind of apology for his offence. Yet as your plea­sure is dearer to me than everything, after your order there is no room for an excuse. Notwithstanding all his crimes and offences, having entirely remitted his punishment, and the reimbursement of the money, I have sent him to your highness.

“At your command I could sacrifice my life;
“Why should I not be able to forgive an offence?”

My life and fortune wait upon you; and the rule of kindness is, that in future whatever business may occur, you give me a pledge of your friendship by commanding me. Farther what trouble should I give? May your prosperity be increasing!