MAY the Servants of the imperial, princely, grand and illustrious Nabob, Khanjew, ever sitting on the Musnud of prosperity and fortune, be in health! After putting up the prayers of supplication, it is represented to your enlightened soul, that having favored me with your highness’s kind letter, you ordered me to execute some affairs of importance. Hav­ing considered it a happiness, and according to my ability exerted myself in these affairs I have brought them to a conclu­sion: and accordingly the particulars will be understood from the representation of Mian Kumal. And on whatever service you may order me, I am hopeful that I shall by every means perform the duties of sincerity. Hail Asylum of your friends! Khojeh Ashraf being taken into your service, you publicly conferred on him the office of Ameen of several Pergunnehs. The said person being possessed of abilities and experience, has not been deficient in fidelity. And having made the collections of the Pergunnehs, village after village, he has by establish­ing an appraisement, obtained fifteen thousand rupees more than the former year; and has brought an accompt certified by the signature of the Amils, Chowdries and Kanoongoes. But notwithstanding the satisfaction he enjoyed from his upright conduct, and the hopes he had of reward, the Mutissuddies of the affairs of Government having depreciated his services, and given the Nabob a different impression, have exposed him to reprehension and blame. This is far from the rule of kindness; for the Nabob having listened to the opinion of interested men, with regard to him, has judged him the offender, and has in no respect paid any regard to his service and sidelity. Nabob hail! I have been a long time acquainted with his character, and there is no doubt of his attachment. But your own people from their villany do not wish that such a faithful servant should be in your ser­vice. I am hopeful that the Nabob himself having inquired into his conduct will do him justice; that he may not be ruined by the villany of those that envy him: for during this scar­city of men, such a person is rarely to be met with. From my attachment to your affairs I have incroached upon your time with a few words. In future whatever may come into your exalted mind, act accordingly. Be the sources of prosperity and gladness increasing!