Princes write to Princes for peace.

PRAISE and thanksgiving to him that is powerful without equal, who hath distributed all these kingdoms of the inhabited quarters of the world, to kings and princes, to each, pro­portionably, by the hand of his authority; and hath bestowed on them inestimable blessings. It is therefore proper that those men, having considered theacknowledgment of this great bounty incumbent on them, should labor from the heart in attending to the state of their subjects, and vassals, who are the rare deposite of the Creator; and that they should make a proper investigation of the grievances of the injured and the distressed and oppressed; and that they should manage the affairs of the orphan and helpless, and comfort the hearts of the sitters in corners, and the solitary worshippers of God, who open not their lips in petition; and that they should consider their own quiet to ly in the tranquillity of their people. In this manner there is a source of satisfaction to God, and the means of establishing the foundation of empire and monarchy. But this desire may be obtained when the kings of the empire, being contented with their portions, establish between one another the bonds of sincerity and the practice of unity: so that the people of God being in a man­sion of rest, may offer up the praise of the Majesty of glory; and that the merchants being acquainted with the protected dominions of one another, may support an intercourse, and make the people glad with the rarities of each country. Whereas, the whole of the desire and sum of the ambition of this petitioner at the throne of God is bestowed on this, therefore by way of strengthening the basis of love and affection, there is sent to wait on that support of empire, the cream of friendship in attachment, the pattern of confidants in sincerity, Khojeh Abul­hesen, who may report verbally, in private, some matters of importance, which are fixed in my princely mind, but not expressed in writing; and may learn the pleasure of your perfu­ming soul, that the same be performed on our part. The way of unity and concord is this. Keep the road of intercourse fre­quented, and form not the idea of any separation; and give notice without ceremony, of whatever of the rarities of this coun­try you may want: so that in sending them I may fulfil the duties of sincerity. In the mean time, some presents, according to the account of a separate memorandum, being dis­patched along with the Khojeh abovementioned, he will cause them to pass into your august sight. Be the sun of prosperity and splendor arising and refulgent from the horizon of lustre and glory.