I Nassirulla the slave of your court, represent, in address of the good and illustrious Nabob, my Lord, that I have applied for several lists of necessaries as described below; and I am hopeful that they will be complied with. 1. Since by your savor I have been honored with the Office of Fojedar, please God, as far as in my power, I will commit no neglect in fidelity; but my pay is known to you, and I have a large body along with me; so by your kindness and favor I am hopeful of an addition. 2. As a great many villages of these Pergun­nehs are united in clans, and require force, and have forts of strength, success will depend on the number of troops. 3. Some of my brethren, putting their trust in the prosperity of that Kibleh, have lost their habitations. They are manly fellows, and are desireous of employment. If orders be given to the Diwans, that having received them into the train of the slaves of Government, they may detach them with me, they will be of service; and it will confer an honor on this well-wisher. 4. The great guns that were fixt on to accompany me let orders be given to the Daroghah, that being taken out of the magazine and compleated with every necessary, he may for­ward them to me, so that I may not wait for them. 5. Let orders be given to the Mutissuddies of Government to pay the companies of Matchlockmen, that are stationed with the Foje­dars; and to send them to my assistance that they may join the army in haste. What should I say more?