I Abdurrehman your slave, having performed the duties of slavery and dependancy, represent at the place of addressing the benevolent, illustrious and princely Nabob, the place of my Kibleh, that the business of this district under the auspices of the countenance and prosperity of that Kibleh, is compleated in a proper and becoming manner. In future whatever business or employment you may have here, to which I am equal, command me without hesitation. My zeal for the honor of your Service, which is the object of my constant atten­tion, and the fund of perpetual happiness, is rooted in my bosom. Therefore I request that I may be ordered into your noble presence, that I may relate some particulars in your august hearing; and that on whatever service you may order me, I may exe­cute it by every means in my power. What should I add more? May your exalted shadow be extended over the heads of you well-wishers!