I Bazeed the least of your well-wishers, after expressing my dependance and submission, which is the practice of faith­ful servants, represent to the good and exalted Nabob, my Lord, whose illustrious shadow be extended, that I was honored with the contents of the respectable Perwa­neh which came addressed to your slave. With regard to what was directed about representing the hostility and obstinacy of Khojeh Ali, and my Lord, Mahommed Murad; having agree­able to orders assembled the people of the neighbourhood, and having inquired into the cause of the contention of these two respected persons, and having confirmed the decision upon this affair by the seal of the Kazi, and the chief and respectable people of this district, and having sent it into your presence, it will come into your august sight. Farther what should I say? Be the shadow of clemency extended!