YOUR faithful servant Abdussitar, after paying the tribute of subserviency and the duties of supplication, represents at the place of addressing the slaves of the exalted Nabob, the seat of my Kibleh, and my support. Nabob hail! It is known to your enlightened soul whence the submission and attach­ment of this begger to that noble race takes it’s rise. And what regard the deceased Nabob had for the the father of this slave, who boasts of being born in your family. How can I describe the sincerity and attachment which I have for the Nabob; and the kindness of the just Nabob towards me, since it exceeds the bounds of description? Therefore having put my trust in my own subserviency, and your kindness, I have sent my own chil­dren into the service of your Highness; for they are young men desirous of employment, and capable of service. I am hopeful that having engaged them, you will bestow your august atten­tion in patronizing them; for it will be a source of honor to this child of your family. Farther what can I add? Be the shadow of prosperity extended!