THE least of your wellwishers Alawil, after performing the devoirs of subserviency, and the duties of submission, presents in address to the benevolent and illustrious Nabob, the place of my Kibleh, whose power may God increase, that an account of my chastising the refractory in this district, and seiz­ing their slaves and effects was particularly represented some time ago; and will have reached your august hearing. At present I have in view the extermination of the rebels on the other side of water; for those people have risen up in treason. My Lord hail! The body of horse and marksmen, with some guns which were detached for your servant, have not yet arrived. I am hopeful that you will give orders to one of your servants, that having got them ready, he may despatch them to me. And let me be favored with powder and shot, that I may attack those people well provided. May the days of your life and your prosperity increase.