YOUR meanest slave Illahbuksh having performed the ceremonies of slavery and sincerity, represents at the station of the slaves of the benevolent, high, dignified and illustrious Nabob, my Lord and the place of my Kibleh, that on the arrival of your illustrious Perwaneh, which was issued in the name of your meanest slave, there accrued from it elevation and honor. With regard to what was commanded about sending the money of the Pergunnehs three days ago, the money that was collected being despatched along with the asylum of brotherhood Kasim Khan, I hope it will arrive in safety. And let the agents of government be directed, after the money is delivered to the attending treasurer, to give the said brother his leave; for many matters of importance here depend on his presence. Your slave is as little as possible negligent in compleat­ing the collections; please God, having in a short time raised the balances in the Pergunneh he will despatch them. To add more would exceed the limits of respect. May prosperity and joy increase daily!