THE least of your devoted slaves, having kissed the ground of subserviency with the lip of submission, humbly represents at the petitioning place of those that stand at the foot of your imperial throne, that, by the savor of God, and by the prosperity of exalted and royal majesty, all is well: and nothing has happened to disturb the quiet of the inhabitants of this province; and all the farmers and inhabitants are employed in praying for your eternal prosperity. I am hopeful that it will continue in the same way. Hail Kibleh of the crea­tion! By the favor of God, and your world-subduing prosperity, I have taken so much care to prevent taxation, that from the Pergunneh of Wuzeerpoor to Jalore, it is effectually slopt. And just now I have sent two more troopers, who may be vigilant in the territories of the Jageer of the Rana Jagut Sing; and the Pergunneh of Nandul &c. the Jageer of Rajeh Raui Sing and the lands of the district of Neetthore. By the will of God, I have not, nor shall I excuse myself from the duties of dili­gence; and no one has power to do that which is prohibited by your divine authority.