YOUR sincere wellwisher Mozuffer having kissed the ground of subserviency with the lip of respect and contrition, represents at the petitioning place of the servants of the majesty of the true Kibleh and real Kaubeh, that your illustrious man­date, which was issued in the name of the least of your well­wishers with regard to the correction and chastisement of the clans of the district of Ahmedabad, and causing the money of the Jageerdars to be given out of the lands of the rebels, honored me with its world-subjecting commands. Having marched with my own people, and some auxiliary officers who were detached thither with your servant; and having encamped in the village of Maazimpoor, which is seven krohs from Ahmedabad; and next day putting confidence in the unfailing prosperity of majesty, I made an attack on these villages of the clans, which, by the accounts of the Jageerdar’s agents, had not paid their rent for three years; and were become rebellious. When the rebels heard of your servant’s arrival, being collected, they instantly retired to the jungle; and posted themselves in the road of the army. When this news reached your servant, by the advice of your friend, having sent for hatchet-men from all quarters to cut down the jungle, we fell a cutting it down. Although these short-sighted outcasts, hav­ing got into the jungle, were not idle with their fire-arms and arrows, yet when the heroes of the armyhad surrounded them on all sides, the villagers being desperate, came out of the jungle; and an obstinate engagement ensued with the Seyids, Moguls and Rajpoots belonging to your servant. And of the horsemen belonging to some of the officers, an hun­dred and fifty, according to a particular list of their names, which will be presented to your highness, obtained the honor of martyrdom, and of the inconsiderate villagers, near a thou­sand having become the food of sword and arrow, went to hell. The rest of the out-casts could not sustain the fight. When night came on, that destitute short-sighted band, like a flock of sheep or goats, fled panick-struck every where. In the morn­ing the servants of government rode towards the villages of the rebels. That body having united were collected together, with their families and children, in one place, in the village of Selimpoor, which is a large village with a fort in the middle of the jungle; and destroyed the men from all quarters. But although these people struggled and fought strenuously, at length the cavalry having dismounted and entered the village, killed a great number, and set the village on fire. After that, having seized and confined their women and children, and taken possession of their substance and effects I delivered them to the agents of the Jageerdars; to whom also I have commited the charge of the chiefs of that village: that they may satisfy themselves for their three years rent. The rebellious practice of the people of this country is clearer than the sun. At present by the power of royal prosperity, they have received such correction and chastisement that all the inhabitants in this district, having taken warning, and having applied themselves to the business of cultivation, pay their rents willingly to the Jageerdars. Accordingly an account of the insolence and villainy of these people, and the activity of this slave of the court, will be represented by people that are disinterested. Be the sun of pros­perity and fortune shining upon the creation!