YOUR willing and faithful servant having performed the duties of respect, humility and submission, represents at the petitioning place of the servants of your heavenly Palace, the seat of Alexander, the throne of Soliman, the pomp of Feridoon, the Splendor of Darius, the retinue of Jumsheed and the grandeur of King Khusro, (may Heaven establish your kingdom for ever) that upon the arrival of your illustrious and propitious Firman, with the honor of a princely dress, and the present of a Babylonian horse marked like Duldul, with which, out of your great kindness, you distin­guished me, having anticipated and hastened to meet it, and having understood the fortunate and favorable contents of your world-subjecting command; having put it on my head, and having adorned the forehead of supplication with the dust of submission, I invested myself with your elegant dress; and hav­ing put round my neck the reins of the bridle of a fine-paced horse; having performed the ceremonies of dependancy, and the proud and elevated head of this sincere wellwisher being raised above the clouds, in what words can I express the acknowledgment of this vast bounty! With regard to the sacred orders that were issued, that the ungrateful Mahommed Kooli, a person nourished and protected by your peculiar favor, not being sensible of his good fortune, having turned away his head from the Kibleh of prosperity; and upon an insurrection of some disaffected people having raised disturbances in the coun­try of Ghuzni, and confirmed a rebellion; although a strong detachment has been sent against him, who having immediately defeated him or taken him prisoner may bring him to our imperial throne like that of Egypt, yet as his family and children and other property, with his horses and camels are in a place in Kabul, having gone thither, and hav­ing instantly seized on his children dispatch them immediately under the care of a trusty person, to our royal court. And whatever of his substance and effects shall be there, having taken an account of them and confiscated them, inform me of it. Kibleh of the world hail! Agreeable to your royal order, the instant that I received information of the contents of your sacred command I set out for Kabul equipt for plundering. The children and dependants were in readiness to depart when your servant arrived. Having seized the offenders children, and des­patched them to Court with the ready money that was found in his house along with Khojeh Ahmed this devoted’s real brother, and fifteen horsemen, I hope they will arrive in safety. Besides having taken an account of his camels and horses, I shall despatch them after to your court, the asylum of the world. Being proper I have represented it. Be the world-enlightening-sun of prosperity and riches blazing!