THE slave of the court Afghur having adorned the forehead of slavery, humility and contrition, with the dust of submission; at the petitioning place of the porters of the heavenly-celestial palace of the shadow of God, sendeth health to the Kibleh of mankind. You despatched your slave born in your own house, whom, out of your royal favor, you appointed to the duty of Ojeen. Having posted and travelled stage after stage, I arrived at the Fort Ojeen on the 7th. of the great Shaban. By the will of Almighty God having struggled heartily, as far as it was in my ability and power, in the manner which that true monitor, giving his instructions verbally, directed for the execution of several affairs of importance, I will not deviate from your sacred commands. And whatever hap­pens I shall represent it daily. It was proper to make this address. Be the sun of prosperity and greatness shining on the heads of men!