THE least of your faithful slaves Mahommed Murad hav­ing performed the duties of humility, resignation, sub­mission and slavery, represents at the petitioning place, at the foot of your imperial throne, that having sometime ago trans­mitted an account of the insolence, treachery and rebellion of the disaffected Rajahs of the hills, it must have reached the ears of your highness. At this time, on the 7th. of Ardibehsht, putting my trust in Heaven, I marched against those Rebels with my own people. When we had come near to the hills, I thought it advisable to march the troops in the morning, into the hills to seize the wives and children of the rebels. At break of day the men were ready to mount, when Deosi?? the Rajah of that hill which is the head of the whole, being ashamed and penitent for his transgression and offence, and hav­ing asked forgiveness, and put the axe around his neck came forth and waited on me. Seeing that your Royal favor attends the sinner and the penitent, considering the happy disposition of that Kibleh of both worlds, and having saved him from death and depredation, I have removed him from his habita­tion. On the 16th. of Ferwardi, having despatched the said Rajah and the prisoners with a present of money and different articles; and of the rarities of the hills; together with a distinct account, along with my brother Mahommed Kooli, to your heavenly palace, he will present them to your royal sight. And having actually annexed the possessions of those people to the royal property, I have delivered them to men of credit, that giving confidence and security to the inhabitants, they may improve them. Farther whatever order shall be issued I shall act accordingly. Be the Sun of prosperity and empire shining on the heads of men!