THE slave Illahyar having kissed the ground of submission and subserviency with the lip of respect, in address to the servants of your celestial world-protecting court, sendeth health to the Kibleh of the world, and mankind. The illustrious Firman that was issued in the name of your servant on the sub­ject of despatching treasure, and the materials for some house­hold articles, having proceeded with eagerness, I hastened to meet it; and became elevated and distinguished by the honor of the contents of your auspicious command. Having instantly prepared carriages, and on the fifth of Firwardi, having delivered to the charge of the agents of the Tohweeldar, the sum of twenty one lacks of rupees of treasure and the household articles that were wanted, with a distinct and separate accompt, I have despatched them along with Khojeh Nadir Khan; that being watchful on the road with guards and sentries he may carry them to Court. Hail Kibleh of your servants! The allowance of the said Khojeh is very small. For the sake of his own credit, he supports a greater number of horsemen than the establish­ment of Government; and he is a servant faithful and attached to your Majesty. I am hopeful that he will be honored by your royal favor in proportion to his fidelity and sincerity, for it will be the means of elevating this most humble of your faithful servants. To urge more would be impertinence. May the world-illuminating-sun of your prosperity continue to shine upon the heads of mankind!