For a Maintenance.

LET the Muttisuddies of important affairs for the present and future, of the Pergunneh of Fereedabad know that, whereas, agreeable to our auspicious mandate, the extent of an hundred Beegehs of land half-cultivated half-fallow, is given by way of Maintenance out of the said Pergunneh, from the beginning of the autumnal season to the reverend and learned Abdirreheem, it is required, that agreeable to the order, hav­ing measured and marked out the said land in a good spot they shall put it into the aforesaid’s possession; that having every season, appropriated the revenue of it to his own use, he may be employed in prayer for our daily-increasing prosperity. And on account of rent and expences let them by no manner of means give him any trouble. And let them not every year require a renewal of his Firman and Perwaneh.— Let them consider this as positive and act as directed.