In answer to a Petition.

AFTER benevolent salutation, it is signified to the pattern of his Peers the true in sincerity Khojeh Yadgar that his addresses arrived regularly and the contents were understood. With regard to the application made for an Ameen to ascertain the collection of the Pergunneh of Lalpoor; although that wellwisher be the seat of security, and wherever he is, there be no need of any other Ameen, yet at his request the distinguished in fidelity Khojeh Ahmed is despatched. It is required that having obtained in concurrence with the said person an account of each village, and having ascertained the real collection of the Pergunneh, he send it confirmed by the seal of the Ameen, and the signature of the Chowdries and Kanoongoes and by his own seal, because it will be agreeable. And with regard to raising the balances of the past and present having made an extraordinary exertion, let the money be des­patched with a trusty person for cash is wanted for the exigencies of the household; and for the pay of the sepoys. Consider­ing this as positive let him act as directed.