For holding the Office of Fotedar.

THE very important information is communicated to the fortunate and honorable Meer Ebraheem Krori of the Pergunneh of Mahommedabad, that whereas the office of Fote­dar of the said Pergunneh has been given and conferred, from the beginning of the season of harvest, upon the cream of cotemperaries Dianit Raui, it is required that having daily com­mitted and intrusted to his agent, whatever rents and customs of that Pergunneh have been paid, he will keep them with great care in the Treasury; and, that having day after day transmitted an account of the collection, with the signature of the Fotedar, he will send them monthly to the royal Register: and let him not, without his knowledge have a single dam any where else; and let him be careful least the Gomashteh of the Fotedar engaging in usury and trade embezzle the money of Government: that if, in future, any balance remain with the treasurer, he may be accountable for it. Considering this business express, let him make no resistance or evasion.