For holding a Jageer.

WHEREAS according to the world-subjecting sun-re­sqlendent Mandate, the sum of five lacks of dams, in the Pergunneh of Feridabad, in consequence of the removal of the noble and princely Mozuffer Khan, having been bestowed and conferred on the illustrious and honorable Behader Khan, by way of Jageer, from the commencement of the season of autumn; and a second time represented, on the 21st. of Jum­madissani, the Sabli* is now drawing out a Royal commis­sion for this purpose, it is required that the Chowdries, Kanoongoes and Husbandry of the said Pergunneh, having acknowledged the said person Jageerdar of that place, shall give an account of the just rent and dues of the Diwani, to the agent of the said Khan; and shall not withhold or deduct a single dam from that sum. And whatever the former Jageerdar shall have collected, after deducting the dues of collection, let it be returned to the agent of the present Jageerdar. Considering this as peremptory let them act according to instructions.