For the Office of Krori.

IT is signified to the Chowdries, Kanoongoes, Headmen and Peasantry of the Pergunneh of Reheemabad, that whereas the business of the office of Krori, of the said Pergunneh, is given and entrusted by the world-subjecting and sun-refulgent command, from the beginning of the season of antumn, to the fortunate Kojeh Masoom, it is required that having acknowledged the said person absolute Krori of that Pergunneh; and having given an account to the said person, of the lawful rent and dues of the Diwani, every year according to engagement and equity, they occasion no diminution or deduction; and deviate not from his good advice, which in every respect shall be conducive to loyalty and to the wealth of the state. Let them not transgress; and let them obey him as it is required. And of one and all of the transactions of the said Pergunneh, let them not keep any thing secret or concealed from him. And let the conduct of the said person be this. Having made the practice of fidelity and truth his distinguishing character, and having performed with propriety, the duties of that employment, let him not transgress the minutest article of these; or in skill and attachment. And let him follow so pleasing a method with the farmers, that being easy in their situation, they may be intent on forwarding cultivation, and building; that the revenue may be increased every year: and whatever shall be collected let it be transmitted daily to the royal Trea­sury. In this matter act conformable to instructions: make no deviation.