For the Office of Diwan.

AS it is a long time that no account of the collection and disbursements of the Subah of Multan has arrived before our sublime and elevated presence; it is certain that the cause of that can be nothing but the negligence, incapacity and infidelity of the Diwan at that place. At this time I have appointed the cream of his equals and cotemporaries, the faithful and able Khojeh Abdussittar to the Diwani of that Soobah, from the commencement of the season of spring; that having applied himself properly to the duties and forms of that employment, and that being careful of the rent and taxes of the royal lands and of the Jageers, he may settle the collections of that Soobah according to establishment and equity; and deliver whatever may be the share of government into the Royal Treasury. And let him deliver the share of the Jageerdars to their agents and let him transmit to our court the asylum of the universe a register of the receipts and disbursements of that Soobah, with an account of the former Diwans; and let him proceed with the peasants in such a manner, that being easy in circumstances and free at heart, they may be employed with their improve­ments and buildings, and be happy; and let him excite in the farmers a desire of cultivating good articles, that the revenues of the Pergunnehs may increase yearly. With regard to the conduct of the Mutisuddies, Krories, Jageerdars and Kanoon­goes of that Soobah, having considered the person aforesaid absolute Diwan, whatever belongs to the duty of the office of Diwan, having referred to him, let them keep nothing secret or concealed from him; and let them deviate not from his opinion and advice, which in every respect shall be conformable to propriety and rectitude: and according as it is required, let them pay him obedience. Let them act in this agreeable to Orders, and make no resistance.