In behalf of a Complainant.

LET the pillar of victorious empire, the support of prevail­ing prosperity, the pattern of Lords of high station, the Umditulmoolik Kasim Khan who is distinguished and exalted by royal favor, know that, at this time, Khojeh Mahommed merchant having come to our heavenly palace, has presented a complaint that Momin of Badukhshan has without cause and contrary to justice, forcibly and violently seized on a sum of money and goods, the property of the complainant. It is required that, when you have understood the contents of the mandate issuing forth like fate, having summoned him before him, and having properly investigated the real state of the case, he shall restore whatever may appear to be due to the owner; so that this matter may not be twice represented to our highness. If this matter cannot be settled there, send both parties to Court, and relate the story as you have understood it; that in the court of Justice, the injured may obtain redress, according to the decree of the noble Law; and that the offender may receive punishment: so that it may be a warning to other people. Con­sidering this as preremptory, let him act conformably to our royal command.