For a Preferment and Removal.

AS the attention of our august soul is dedicated to the tran­quillity of the state, and to the management of the affairs of our old servants who have spent their precious lives, in labor and attachment, with perfect honesty and fidelity: on this account the ancient in service, the cream of our sincere well­wishers, the patern of our servants devoted from attachment, Khajeh Ebraheem who was long ago appointed to the respect­able office of Paymaster to our successful army, and has at no time polluted the mantle of his inclination with the dust of embezzlement, or neglect; and has performed the duties of that office, according to the pleasure of our most pure and princely soul; as the frailty of mortallity and infirmity has now over­come him, regarding the length of his service and natural attachment, and out of our royal indulgence excusing him from duty, we have given him by way of perpetual gift the sum of five lacks of dams out of the Pergunneh of Beherampoor his usual abode in compliance with his own request: that having dedicated that sum, season after season and year after year, to his own use, he may employ his diligence and attention in pray­ing for our eternal prosperity. It is required that the Officers and Agents and Jageerdars, both now and hereafter, having acted according to our sacred command, and having measured and marked out the land for the sum specified in a good place, shall put it into the aforesaid’s possession. And having considered him as free and exempted from every taxation and all public burdens, let them in no respect give his agents any trouble. With regard to the Chowdries, Kanoon­goes, Muckuddims and farmers of that place, let them account for the lawful rent and dues of the Diwany to the agent of that old servant; and let them occasion no diminution or deduction; and let them not deviate from his commands.