For a Passport.

LET the Mutissuddies, Krories, Jageerdars, Chowkidars and Guzerbauns of the road to Kabul, being hopeful of our royal favor and mercy, know that, as the fortunate, the illus­trious of merchants Khojeh Yadgar, who is one of the trusty of our world-protecting palace, is going abroad; and has along with him articles of trade belonging to Government, and some of his own, it is required that they give him no trouble on pre­tence of custom or charity; and that wherever he may halt, being alert with guards and sentries, they conduct him in safety over places suspected and dangerous, out of their own boundaries; and that they be in no respect negligent. If, which God forbid, an accident happen in the bounds of any one, he shall be tried according to the rules of responsibility. And when that fortunate person shall return homeward from abroad, having paid regard to the same royal edict, let them act to this effect. In this business being attentive to what is directed let them con­sider themselves bound.