For the appointment of a Jageerdar.

AT this time the Mandate of high dignity hath obtained the honor of manifestation, viz. that in consequence of the removal of the flower of great noblemen Mirza Feridoon I have conformed, by way of Jageer from the beginning of the season of autumn, the sum of twenty one lacks of dams, out of the Pergunneh of Khizrabad, as it is specified on the back of the Firman, to the approved in service, the attendant of our imperial Presence, Nadir Khan. It is required that, the Chodries Kanoongoes Muckuddims and peasantry of the said Pergunneh having acknowledged the person above named Jageerdar of that place, and having given an account of the just rent, and of the duties of the Diwani according to the established agree­ment, to the agents of the said Khan, shall in no respect occasion any diminution or deduction; and whatever the former Jageerdar shall have collected from the said crop, having taken it back, let them give it to him: con­sidering this as peremptory and having acted according to royal command, let them deliver it up.