For a Maintenance.

AT this time the fortunate and auspicious edict has obtained the honor of proclamation, and the dignity of pub­lication: viz. that I have granted the extent of three hundred Begas of land half sowed half fallow, out of the pergunneh of Illahidadpoor of the district of Kinnowje, by way of Main­tenance for the reverent and excellent, the perfect and pure Shaikhabdulrufar; and his posterity; from the season of autumn: that having applied its revenues to his own use, season after sea­son, and year after year, he may dedicate his study and atten­tion to praying for the continuation of our daily increasing prosperity. It is required that the superiors and managers of that pergunneh, having measured and marked out the said land in a good situation, shall leave it at the disposal of the person abovementioned. After the boundaries are ascertained, let them not incroach upon it. And on account of rent and duties, such as Kunlurra, Paish­kush, Measurement money and Fees of entry; and all the extortions of the Diwany, and demands of Government, let them occasion him no trouble. And having considered him as free and exempted from all kinds of taxation, let them not require every year a fresh Firman or Perwanneh. Having acted according to command, let them make no resistance.