For the appointment of a Kotwal.

WHEREAS an account of the activity, valor and ability of the fortunate Mahommud Bakir, has been represented to our highness, we have therefor, out of our royal favor, appointed him to the office of Kotwal to the city of Dowletabad. It is required that the said person, having made the practice of fidelity and recti­tude his distinguishing character; having observed the duties and forms of that office; and being alert with guards and sen­tries, preserve the inhabitants of that city in the bed of safety and security; so that being easy in their circumstances, they may be employed in prayers for our eternal prosperity: and that he exert his endeavor that the vestige of a thief, encourager of thieves, pilferer or pickpocket may not remain in that place. Having carried on a prosecution of old bawds and pro­curesses, who deluding peoples wives with fables and enchant­ments lead them astray, let him restrain them from this prac­tice; that there may not be a flaw in the reputation of great men. And let him make a proper exertion in reducing the price of grain and other provisions, as far as it is possible, that people may not suffer in their circumstances from the dearth of grain. And whatever incident shall happen there, let them report the daily occurrences to our august court, according to reallity and truth. And with regard to the conduct of the Mutisuddies of public affairs, and the principal officers and other inhabitants, and the body of the people both public and private of the said city, having acknowledged the person above men­tioned absolute Kotwal, in every dispute and transaction that shall happen in that city, let them make a reference to him; and deviate not from the sentence and opinion of the aforesaid person; which in every respect must be conformable to the royal practice and imperial rule. So directing their conduct by this royal mandate let them make no resistance.