Roots. Derivatives.
he was porter.
<Arabic> a gate.
<Arabic> gates.
he made water v. G.
<Arabic> the heart.
he bought, sold, bar­gained.
<Arabic> the seller.
<Arabic> sale.
he staid during the night.
<Arabic> house, abode.
<Arabic> revenue from houses.
he excelled, it was separate and distinct, manifest.
<Arabic> explanation.
<Arabic> between; from <Arabic> in, <Arabic> what and <Arabic>
it was superior in whiteness.
<Arabic> bright.
he began.
<Arabic> the beginning.
he hastened.
<Arabic> the full moon.
he began, invented.
<Arabic> a novelty, invention.
<Arabic> new.
he changed, substituted, altered.
<Arabic> changed.
he presented, gave munificently.
<Arabic> bestowed.
he was fatigued.
<Arabic> troubles.
he created.
<Arabic> God the creator.
<Arabic> vassals, subjects.
he was pious.
<Arabic> the pious.
he fell on his knee. II. he prayed for a blessing.
<Arabic> happy, fortu­nate.
he dilated, spread.
<Arabic> extension, expan­sion.
<Arabic> spread.
<Arabic> gladness.
he rejoiced.
<Arabic> a mortal, man.
he saw.
<Arabic> eyes.
he cut off.
<Arabic> a stock, capital, part, lot.
he struck in the belly, he penetrated, lay hid­den.
<Arabic> interior parts.
he arose.
<Arabic> the cause.
<Arabic> theorigin, source.
he devided into parts.
<Arabic> a part, some.
he was distant.
<Arabic> after, afterwards.
<Arabic> distant.
he transgressed, was insolent, sought, required.
<Arabic> an oppressor, rebel.
<Arabic> as was required, from <Arabic> & <Arabic>
he survived, remained.
<Arabic> remaining.
<Arabic> remainder, balance.
<Arabic> balances.
<Arabic> without balance.
he staid, dwelt.
<Arabic> a city.
<Arabic> cities.
he arrived at maturity, reached his end.
<Arabic> efficacious, numerous, mature.
<Arabic> the eloquent.
<Arabic> promoting, for­warding.
<Arabic> a sum, the amount, product.
<Arabic> exaggeration, struggle.
he tried, experienced.
<Arabic> misfortunes, trials.
he constructed.
<Arabic> a son <Arabic> sons.
<Arabic> pro <Arabic>
<Arabic> a foundation.
<Arabic> fabricks.
he exhilirated, was joyful.
<Arabic> Joy, gladness.
he surpassed, excelled.
<Arabic> surpassing, superior.