Roots. Derivatives.
He returned.
<Arabic> the place of return.
he returned, arrived, became, went before, preceded.
<Arabic> dominion.
<Arabic> the center, place of return, resource.
<Arabic> family, relations.
he was firm, robust, powerful.
<Arabic> assistance.
<Arabic> aids.
he recollected, he honored.
<Arabic> splendor.
<Arabic> glorious, proud.
<Arabic> glory, pride.
he was father.
<Arabic> father.
<Arabic> fathers.
he stood, subsisted.
<Arabic> eternity.
he gave, presented.
<Arabic> a rarity.
<Arabic> rarities.
he made one thing fol­low another. II. he made an impression.
<Arabic> a sign.
<Arabic> signs.
<Arabic> presenting, chusing.
<Arabic> impression.
<Arabic> signs, marks.
<Arabic> efficacious.
he gave a reward.
<Arabic> a reward.
<Arabic> a farm, lease.
he delayed.
<Arabic> the end.
he was brother, friend.
<Arabic> fraternity.
<Arabic> fraternal.
it became more. II. he caused to become, to be performed.
<Arabic> performance.
he invited to eat, was polite.
<Arabic> correction.
<Arabic> politeness.
he was tawny, brown.
<Arabic> a man.
II. <Arabic>
he marked the line, dated.
<Arabic> a date.
he made it like the earth, it abounded with grass.
<Arabic> lands.
he suffered extreme poverty.
<Arabic> eternity.
it was applied and con­tained.
<Arabic> extent, parallel, equivalent.
II. he laid the foundation.
<Arabic> foundation.
it was rooted.
<Arabic> the root origin.
<Arabic> eradication.
<Arabic> by no means.
he went thro’ the world.
<Arabic> the horizon.
<Arabic> quarters of the globe.
he averted (but perhaps from <Arabic> he died) he passed
<Arabic> calamity.
he adored.
<Arabic> God, the deity.
<Arabic> deity, divinity.
<Arabic> divine.
he was in pain.
<Arabic> grief.
he commanded, ordered.
<Arabic> affair, mandate.
<Arabic> princes.
<Arabic> nobility.
<Arabic> affairs.
<Arabic> ordered, determined.
he was secure.
<Arabic> safety.
<Arabic> protector, guardian.
<Arabic> security.
<Arabic> secured.
<Arabic> faithful.
he had hope.
<Arabic> expectation, hope.
he used, frequented, became familiar.
<Arabic> companion, friend.
he presented, repaid, made returns.
<Arabic> society, clan, fellowship.
he went before.
<Arabic> the first.
he married, had a family.
<Arabic> people.
<Arabic> inhabitants.