CHAPTER II. Of issuing out FIRMANS.
For conferring the Office of a Subahdar.

WHEREAS the world illuminating sun; the imperial mandate of the shadow of God, proclaimeth from the horizon of favor and mercy, that we have given the office of Lord of the Soobahship of Reheemabad, from the beginning of the term of harvest, to the pillar of our victorious state; the support of our prosperous Government; the first of noble­men in high rank; the Umditulmoolik Mubazuruddeen Kooli Khan Behader: and having committed the reins of absolving and binding, of contracting and discharging, in that Subah, to the hands of his discretion, it is requisite that, according as it is conceived and expected by our illustrious soul, from the propriety of his con­duct, skill, fortitude and valor, he deviate not from that in a single jot of the most minute article; and that he be duly attentive to the affairs of the people, and inhabitants of that province; so that injury and oppression may not fall from the strong upon the weak: and controul the frauds of disaffection in such a manner, that, having made the business of cultiva­tion his study, he may answer to the managers of the royal revenue, and the agents of the Jageerdars, for the lawful rent; according to established agreement and equity: and correct and chastise every one who shall make any demur in paying the just rent; in such a manner that others may take warning. And whatever occurrences may happen, let him be constantly representing them. Moreover some of the Zimindars at the foot of the hills, who every year gave an established present of some Elephants, and Tanyan horses, and bags of musk, and Fal­cons and Tarsels, having taken it from them send it to our most august Court. With regard to the conduct of the Mutissuddies of state affairs, Krories, Jageerdars, Choudries, Kanoongoes, Mukkuddims, and Peasants, having considered the said Umditulmoolik, Lord of the Subah and absolute superior, let them not deviate from his opinion and prudent advice. And let them shew him submission, as it behoves them. And let them consider his approbation and disapprobation, in their affairs, of consequence. And whoever of the Jageerdars shall deviate from his respectable opinion and advice, let the said Umditul­moolik, having dismissed him, represent it to our august court; that another from the presence may be appointed in his room. Act in this business according to orders, make no resistance.