An APPLICATION for additional Allowances.

WHEREAS the world-subjecting Sun-refulgent Man­date directed to the least of your slaves arrived, requir­ing that, whosoever of the servants of Government in that Soo­bah should serve properly, and whose fidelity should appear, having studied his advancement accordingly, I should repre­sent it at your Heavenly Palace. Now as Khojeh Mahommed Hussain has performed every kind of laudable service, and keeps up more men than the establishment; and your servant is a wellwisher of Government, Having therefore proposed for him an addition of two hundred Rupees pay and fifty horse, so that the whole, including the original number and the augmenta­tion, may be seven hundred Rupees and three hundred horse, I am hopeful, that if it meet with your consent, the royal Diwan will cause it to be confirmed agreeable to your sacred command.