In reply.

PRAISE to God who in this world, hath passed over the presumption of no person, and hath even levelled the arro­gant with the dust.

“To him be given adoration and praise
“Whose kingdom is ancient, and whose self is perfect.”

The letter which your unskilful secretaries dispatched out of their inexperience, was clear and explicit. It is a saying more obvious than the sun, that the Lapwing has possessed a princely crown, and a royal diadem from all eternity. What signified it that prince Soliman, for a few days, exalted the Falcon? In the end it was given to the former. Men having prepared a crown, put it on the head of princes: but the diadem on the head of the Lapwing is from the hand of Omnipotence. What power has the Falcon, that having overturned the rules and principles of reason, he should institute a new invention? And the Hare altho’ she sleep, yet in time of need she can run in such a manner as to distress her pursuer.

“Don’t trust to a Hare asleep: take care;
“For although she sleep, she will run when it is necessary.

The Eagle although he be employed in pursuit of the Hare, yet from his appetite and greed of flesh, he falls into snares and toils. Do not disclose these sentiments; do not even allow them to enter into your imagination. The Tribute, which we have hitherto paid we do not refuse. We will pay it; for it is written “That Peace is best.”