Ode 592

O LION-HEARTED, ocean-handed King,
Thou ruler just, sultan, and sovereign,
Who by thy virtues as thy strength doth reign,
The conqueror of every living thing;

Shah Mesóud, whose reverberating name
Into all quarters of the earth hath run;
Wherever blows the wind and shines the sun,
There is thy glory, Mesóud, there thy fame.

Perchance, great Shah, those powers invisible
That on thy dread intelligence attend
Even have told thee how thy humble friend
Lately from light to deepest darkness fell.

Yea! by a sudden stroke of skilful Fate,
The little unpretending three years' hoard
Out of thy bounty diligently stored
Is stolen: therefore am I desolate.

Last night I had a dream: methought that I
At morning in the royal stables stood,
And lo! my mule was munching at his food.
“Thou knowest me?” said he, nosebag awry.

I woke and pondered long. My mule—what might
That mean? The royal barley—what? O deign,
All wise Mesóud, omniscient sovereign,
My dream to read—and to fulfil—aright.